November 30, 2015

Refutation of I=S: cross-references

  • Loanable funds ― no hoax, just breathtaking stupidity   here
  • A tale of three accountants   here
  • Just revealed: IS-LM is dead since 80 years   here
  • First Lecture in New Economic Thinking   here
  • IS-LM ― a crash course for EconoPhysicists   here
  • Review of the economics troops   here
  • The fundamental problem of economics: scientific incompetence aka stupidity   here
  • Economics ― from attention and reputation management to science   here
  • Walras, Keynes, Samuelson, DSGE, IS-LM ― R.I.P.   here
  • New IS-LM macro ― just another fake revolution   here
  • Macroeconomics without Keynes   here
  • Say hello to Lars Syll, Keynes’s last parrot   here
  • The IS-LM macro imbeciles   here
  • Tobin, the tragedy of After-Keynesians, and the indelible mark of incompetence   here
  • The final implosion of MMT   here
  • A new episode of one of the worst blunders of economics   here
  • Macrofoundations, too, are defective   here
  • Loanable funds, lack of scientific firepower and abundance of political fartpower   here
  • Note on saving and investment   here
  • The general theory of scientific incompetence   here
  • How Keynes got macro wrong and Allais got it right   here
  • Keynesianism: The triumph of blathering over thinking   here
  • Causa finita: the end of I=S/IS-LM   here
  • The unfinished Keynes   here
  • There is no thrift paradox, or, How economists fell over their own feet   here
  • Getting out of IS-LM = Getting out of despair   here
  • The tiny little problem with economics   here
  • The worst economic equation   here
  • Joan Robinson and the ‘throng of superfluous economists’   here
  • The economic Sisyphus: Forever kicking the can down the wrong road   here
  • How Keynes messed macro up   here
  • Econ 101 or How to train morons   here
  • Economics: ‘a tale told by an idiot ... signifying nothing’   here
  • No ground to lose   here
  • As Napoleon said: don’t listen to economists   here
  • Stanley Fischer: Rewarding scientific incompetence   here
  • Macro of and for the scientifically blind and deaf   here
  • Toward the true economic axioms   here
  • Finalizing the Keynesian Revolution   here
  • IS-LM is dead and waiting to be buried   here
  • Another X-mas fantasy about IS curves   here
  • Down and out   here
  • Accounting basics   here
  • Fundamentally flawed   here
  • I=S: Mark of the Incompetent   here
  • End of confusion   here
  • Stupid or duplicitous? Both!   here
  • Either stupid or duplicitous   here
  • The Humpty Dumpty methodology   here
  • Unaccountable   here
  • Modern moronomic theory   here
  • Oh no! How could this happen?   here
  • Mental messies and loose losers  here
  • The trouble with counting to 3  here
  • More than two centuries of waffling in the dark  here
  • Keenonomics, aggregate demand/change of debt, and some misleading critique  here
  • Tricky business  here
  • Economists — sloppy, stupid, or scientifically incompetent?  here
  • Economists for all seasons or just confused confusers?  here
  • The Profit Law  here
Refutation 1: Saving=Investment fallacy  here
  • Confused confusers  here
  • No more critique of economics, please!  here
  • Testing is better than critique  here
  • Axiomatization and test  here
  • All problems settled — free way ahead  here
Refutation 2: Saving Equals Investment?  here
  • The subtle distinction between storytelling and science  here
  • Keeping the focus on the basic issue  here
  • IS-LM is bad economics no matter what Krugman says  here and here
Working papers — formal proof
  • Keynes’s missing axioms  here
  • Why Post Keynesianism is not yet a science  here
  • The common error of common sense: an essential rectification of the accounting approach  here
New paradigm
  • See the cross-references here